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Outreach Program

If you have been referred to Headway it is likely that the first person from Headway that you meet will be part of the Outreach team. Our Outreach team covers the whole of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and sometimes across the County’s borders.


When we receive a referral it is passed to an outreach worker who will then contact you and arrange to visit you either at home or in hospital. The first visit usually takes place within one week of the initial call.

First Visit

At the first visit we will request that there is someone else present. This may be a family member, friend, carer or professional. They will help to fill in any details that you may not know or may have forgotten. They can also assist if you have communication difficulties. 

The outreach worker will ask you questions to find out what support you need. They will answer your questions and make some suggestions and recommendations about what will happen next. 

They will also be able to assist with form filling and provide information and advice to family members.

Hospital Visits

Often, when someone is in hospital the main focus of our support will be for friends and family; as at this stage the injured person may not be conscious or aware of our presence.


We will be available to answer some of the many questions people have and recommend leaflets and information that may help.


We visit the Brain Injury Unit at Leicester General Hospital weekly and have regular contact with the medical team.  If we receive a referral we will also visit individuals in other local hospital/care settings.

What Happens Next?

If Headway is not the best provider to give you support we will ‘sign post’ or refer you on to a more suitable organisation. It may be with some advice, information and support you do not require any more assistance and feel able to cope.

Those individuals that require further support from Headway will be referred to social services for an assessment; this will enable you to gain necessary funding to access our service. There may also be other benefits from a social services assessment and you may be eligible for a range of support services. If you have support from someone else they may be eligible for a carer’s assessment.


What services will I receive?

Depending on your needs, you may be given a placement in Headway House for one or two days per week or you may receive support through outreach either through 1:1 support or at our fortnightly outreach group which  meets in Oakham.

What is available through outreach support?

Your outreach worker can assist with the things that you need to enable you to regain your independence, settle back into your community or return to paid or voluntary employment.

Opportunities include:

  • Maintaining tenancies by assisting with paperwork, organising payment plans, negotiating with landlords or mortgage providers.
  • Form filling for benefits, housing applications, and bus passes etc.
  • Accessing the local community including shopping, using the gym, library etc.
  • Support to attend appointments and meetings when relevant.
  • Support to access education opportunities.
  • Assistance to find employment either paid or voluntary.
  • Trips and outings.
  • Holidays.
  • Working with other providers/agencies.
  • Liaising with others that support you.
Form Filling

For more Information...

On the types, effects and symptoms, head to the national Headway website.