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NHS Research Enablement Project

Headway Leicester are Community Ambassadors for the NHS Research Enablement Project

Headway Leicester are Community Ambassadors for the NHS Research Enablement Project.

“Be Part of Research enables you to find and take part in a range of health and care research.

Health research helps to discover new and better ways to treat diseases, improve the NHS and the quality of care across the country.

Anyone can take part in research whether you have a health condition or not. You could take part in research at a local hospital, GP practice – or even at home.”

Headway Leicester are Community Ambassadors for the NHS Research Enablement Project.

We are currently supporting two research projects as well as the Research Registry:

 Research Project 1:

LOLIPOP study (South Asian Biobank) Background Longitudinal population-based study focused on understanding and prevention of high-risk CVD (cardiovascular disease), T2DM (Type 2 Diabetes) and other critical illness amongst South Asians.

South Asians are 2 x risk of CVD and 3 x risk of T2DM compared to Europeans. South Asian Biobank aims to recruit 100,000 men and women aged 18-85 over 4 years.

Participants will give informed consent at recruitment, giving permission for linkage to health records.

YouTube advertisement Video:


Eligible Criteria: South Asians aged 18-85 years.


ECG Glucose and Cholesterol blood samples

Blood pressure

Retinal Photography Anthropometry (physical measures of a person’s size, form, and functional capacities)


Physical Activity Tracker Health and Lifestyle Questionnaires Report: All participants will receive a personalised 28-page report to help make better decisions to improve their health.

Appointments Monday – Saturday at the Merlyn Vaz Centre Leicester To Book an appointment use QR code or


Discover Me Study (UK)

Background Discover Me is a nationwide research study looking at how health and genetic information can allow us to better understand disease. By joining Discover Me United Kingdom people can get insights into their health and genetic ancestry Genetic information is the information held in our DNA that is inherited across generations. By connecting this to information on health, we can study diseases and conditions in much more detail than if we only looked at health or genetic information alone.

This provides us opportunities to better understand disease, including:

  • Why some diseases affect some people more than others.
  • Why disease progresses differently in different people.
  • How to better prevent, manage and diagnose diseases.

As part of this study, you would:

  • Enrol, which includes providing some details about yourself through our secure online portal.
  • Provide a saliva or mouth swab sample using our straightforward postal collection kit. (sent to you home for you to complete and send off)
  • Allow information from your health and care records and other sources to be collected and used alongside your sample.
  • Agree to be contacted in the future by the research team about this study and other new research studies.
  • Choose whether to receive information on your genetic ancestry from your sample and some of your health information from your health and care records. Eligibility: Over 18 years of age. Website with Video:


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