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Lockdown Baking!

person baking cookies

Smartie Cookies!

(baked by Ruth our Marketing and Engagement Executive with a little help from her youngest)



I love to bake, if I’m feeling stressed it helps me relax. If I’m happy because there’s an upcoming celebration, a friend’s birthday, Easter or Christmas then that’s even better!


Earlier this week I made these with some help from my youngest who is turning 3 in September and my eldest who is 9. I think I enjoy baking so much as there is a process, all you need to do is follow the recipe exactly and everything (should) turn out as expected!


Some of my earliest memories are baking butterfly cakes with my Nana when I was young. Now I bake something most weeks with my family, normally sweet but sometimes savoury!


Want to have a go? They are super easy! You can find the recipe here


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