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James’s Story

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James celebrated four years sober in July 2020 after he sustained an acquired brain injury back in 2016. He attends Headway twice a week and is also one of Headway Leicester's Trustees.

At the age of 32 James was living back in Leicester after a failed stint in rehab for his alcohol dependency.  On 16th July 2016 his mum found him unwell and vomiting blood – an ambulance was called and James was rushed to hospital where his health deteriorated even further.  An MRI scan revealed that James had sustained an acquired brain injury – the exact cause was unknown.


After 3 months in hospital James discharged himself against medical advice; they felt there was a significant risk that he would begin drinking again – something that he was warned would result in his premature death.


“It would have been easy for James to have turned to alcohol rather than deal with the challenges his brain injury has presented him with but he has shown amazing willpower and determination.  James doesn’t recognise how much his confidence has grown or just how well he has done.  We are very proud of him”, says Mary Goulty, Services Director.


“The social aspect of Headway is really important to me, I have made some good friends here. It’s caring and supportive place where I have had chance to experience things like cooking, gardening and woodwork.  The time I spend here is important to both me and my mum as it gives us both a break from each other.  I do get anxious but I am getting better at getting it under control; last year it would not have felt possible that I was doing so much.”

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