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Don’t lose your bottle… come to EverythingBranded instead

man in wheel chair with a water bottle
The team at EverythingBranded, the UK’s number 1 distributor of promotional products in the country, maintain great relationships with charities and non-profits around the world.

Charities often use promotional products to raise funds or awareness. On this occasion, we were approached from our local Headway Leicester, in search of some water bottles for the brain injury survivors they support, they explained how important keeping hydrated is after sustaining a brain injury.


We were happy to donate branded Evelyn water bottles for Headway to distribute to their members who have been attending their Digital Day Centre, keeping their doors open with virtual sessions when most others were closed for Lockdown No.1, No.2 AND No.3.


The water bottles were an added extra in Headway’s Easter at home support package, which included an activity pack with games and worksheets focused on developing cognitive skills and an Easter egg!


We regularly focus on the importance of eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with our members as this can aid their recovery. Dehydration can affect cognitive functions which can then cause problems for our members carrying out simple day to day tasks, so being able to remind them to drink more water throughout the day is extremely important.

Ruth Johnson, Marketing and Engagement Executive.


As the UK’s roadmap to ease out of lockdown is well under way, we must consider the affects that lockdown has had on our less advantaged population. Voluntary and charity work will be invaluable in supporting these charities, our communities, and mitigating the long-term impacts that lockdown has undoubtedly had on users of services such as Headway.


That is why we are happy to give back to the local community on these occasions and welcome requests via our charitable branch, EverythingCommunity.


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