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Sash’s Story

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Sash suffered a heart attack in November 2019, which led him to sustain his brain injury. Four months later, COVID-19 imposed a national lockdown which nearly jeopardised his recovery.

Sash was referred to our services during lockdown, after sustaining his brain injury. He sadly lost his wife who was Mental Health Practitioner due to a Brain Aneurysm.


Here is his story in his own words.


On 11th November 2019, I had a heart attack and sustained a brain injury at same time.


My brain had stopped working for reasons unknown. Luckily, people at ASDA Fosse Park, Leicester had a defibrillator to revive my heartbeat and blood pressure. The paramedics arrived I was put into an induced coma until they got me to Leicester Glenfield Hospital.


Doctors tried everything they knew to revive my brain for few days with little success. They told my daughters to expect the worse once they switch off the machine.


When they switched off the machine, by miracle, my brain slowly and gradually regained and revived but I had lost all my memory. Doctors told my daughters that I might not remember them but they were just incredibly happy to see me alive.


With the help of my family, friends, workmates I regained some of my memories. After been discharged from hospital, I was referred to Headway for further help and support for my brain injury recovery.


2020 arrived and COVID-19 took hold in the UK and almost jeopardised my recovery due to lockdown and isolation. However, Headway was there to help me not fall into depression.


” If Headway weren’t there then I don’t know what my status would have been – most likely an addition to death statistics.” 


My current health and memory improvements are purely due to help and support I have received from Headway and from all other members with brain injuries attending all their sessions. They have been like new family and friends, giving me purpose to live.

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