My Life in Lockdown

Covid-19 has been tough on everyone. Repeated lockdowns have left people isolated and lonely, often harming their mental wellbeing. 


But imagine living every day of your life in isolation…


Social isolation after a brain injury is common and that’s why we need your help during #ActionForBrainInjuryWeek 


Brain injury survivors can feel depressed, anxious and experience low self-esteem and a sense that one has less control over one’s life.


The emotional and behavioural problems that are regularly seen after head injury, such as lack of empathy and irritability, lend themselves to social isolation; as social networks break up over time post injury.

action for brain injury poster

Help us reach our target of £1000 so we can continue to be there for members when they are feeling distressed and are struggling to come to terms with their injury.

The sudden nature by which a brain injury occurs does not allow for a period of adjustment so please support us so we can be here for those who need our services during 2021 and beyond.


Although COVID-19 restricted us in providing our usual face-to face support we found our new normal and ensured we were there for our Headway community. Through our #DigitalDayCentre we have helped new members adjust to their changed lives, when medical support such as OT sessions,  physio and speech and language appointments have been put on hold by hospitals due to the pandemic.

It was vital that we continued to support our members when we had to shut our doors last March and you can help us ensure we are there for new members and their families.

‘My Life in Lockdown’ will highlight how the pandemic has affected the brain injury survivors we support and what they have enjoyed from the array of services we have continued to offer during this time. 


Our new campaign will launch on Monday 17th May which marks the start of Action for Brain Injury Week led by Headway UK

"I have loved all the support from Headway and I have valued the reason to get up and keep meeting and keep going with trying crafts and mindful relaxation sessions once I got use to zoom"

"Keep up the good work. Love the activity sessions we do and packs we get. Someone thinks about us and cares. Thankyou!"

"Headway has been a lifeline to us at a very difficult time."

We asked our members how COVID-19 has made them feel....

It has stopped me seeing family and friends and all my physio has taken place at home.

Spent all my day's indoors, very sleepy and nervous.

I stayed at home, avoided people and became very isolated. It made my depression worse.

Lack of motivation and routine day to day, without zoom meetings with Headway.

I felt isolated and alone, scared of pending surgery and my regular check ups and other hospital appointments which have been delayed.