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How to Make a Donation to Headway

First of all, thank you for getting to this page!   We presume you would like to make some kind of financial contribution to our operations, and that now you would like to know how.
There are quite a few ways:

If you work for a company that regularly nominates charities, whether from its own community activities fund, or by specific fundraising activities, or by payroll giving, please contact our fundraiser, Alison Leight, at Headway House, 4 Hospital Close, Leicester LE5 4WP.   She will be happy to come and talk to you and provide any promotional materials that my help. Email Alison »

If you are looking at our web site on behalf of a charitable trust or foundation, then again your contact is Alison Leight, who will provide you with our full financial profile and our forward business plan.

For personal donations there are various options:

  1. You can simply send us a cheque.   This should be made payable to Leicestershire Leicester and Rutland Headway, and addressed to our fundraiser.   All donations are individually acknowledged and if you wish, your name can be added to our mailing list so that our newsletters can keep you in touch.
  2. If you want to organise a fundraising event, please feel free to go ahead,   It would help us to know that you are doing this and perhaps we could help with display items or other forms of publicity, so again please get in touch with Alison.
  3. If you would like to open a standing order on your bank account, please contact us at Headway House and we will send you the necessary forms.
  4. Or you could make an on-line bank transfer.   In this case we would let you have the necessary account details but please be sure to let us know in advance when you do this, so that we can recognise your donation when it comes through and can send you an acknowledgement.
  5. You may be a seller on eBay.   If so you can, if you wish, donate a percentage of your sales.   Simply click on the charity link on eBay and nominate Headway Leicester as the recipient.
  6. Easyfundraising - raise funds while you buy anything online.
  7. Easysearch - makes a contribution every time you search.

Finally, however you choose to make your donation, please remember the advantages of Gift Aid.   If you are a taxpayer then every £10 you give to us can be turned into £12.82 by those nice people at HM Revenue and Customs.   We shall be only too happy to send you the appropriate form.  

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